the plane that is me flies over your foreign lands

unrecognizable these days

your streets are oozing with unfamiliar faces

jumping out at me every corner that I turn,

as if saying

“we know you don’t belong”

my quiet car drives down your busy streets

once so well known to me

yet now I use a map

the map that you gave me is crafted poorly,

as if little thought was taken into creating it

perhaps, an afterthought

it seems like you want me to be lost,

and oh baby,

I am

my legs are unsteady which is unfortunate since they’re the only things keeping me going

if I don’t stop maybe I can reach your heart

but there are too many corners to turn and too many dead ends

and I keep ending up right back where I began

why am I still trying when you clearly gave me a map that leads nowhere

when will I learn?

the other day I took a trip over your lands,

still foreign but now its okay

your streets are crowded with the same unknown faces but they don’t scare me anymore

my legs don’t shake and I don’t use that dumb map because Im not looking for your heart anymore,

I found mine




a lovers quarrel

Rain, like my tears

The sunset

And the sunrise

My eyes

Which look like your eyes

The stars,

And the night sky

The color blue

On the nights we lived

And the color red

On the nights we died

The smell of coffee

On your skin

And the sound of our love

Mixed with the taste of gin.


via Daily Prompt: Someday

Someday you will leave

Someday soon you will have to leave

Someday sooner than I’d like to think about you’re going to be leaving

Someday you and I will no longer be you and I

but rather you, and I

Maybe someday we will meet again

Maybe not

Either way, someday you will leave, someday sooner than I’d like to think about.

on & on

a fan spins slowly

struck by a sweet breeze

illuminated by the moonlight, shining

through an array  of tall trees

a puppy breathes softly

struck by a sweet dream

resting under the moonlight, shining

through all of the leaves

a girl sits quietly, struck by an awe

for the world spinning under her

forever rotating, on and on



and as she sat, she wondered. she wondered about the birds and the bees, she questioned everything from the deepest depths of the ocean to the tallest of the trees. the purpose of our existence, unknown yet we stay unquestioning. few take the time to turn past the first few pages of the book, to dive in and let the questions consume their whole being. these few are seen as crazy although she knows that this insanity that overcomes them and fills them up to the point of overflow, then shortly after, flood, should not be taken with a negative connotation but rather the most positive. for these few individuals are brave enough to remove the comfort that most allow shield their eyes from the truth and are truly able to see that we are so small and the world is so big. the galaxy is so big, the universe is so big and the unknown is infinite, at least, for now. the unknown will stay infinite if insanity continues to be frowned upon and the chase to quench the thirst of the unknown is forever unsatisfiable.

this morning, 7:07

7:07 November 22nd, 2016

the amount of sunrises I’ve seen in my lifetime has been minimal

but this morning i was lucky enough to be awoken by what i can only imagine is one of the most beautiful sunrises

it’s soft, tender glow cascading over the vast creation

and this morning i was lucky enough to find myself laying next to the most beautiful boy

awoken by his gentle touch, a reminder of his gentle soul

the soft, tender glow he constantly emanates casts a sweet spell over my body and mind.

a warm feeling seeped through me as i made my way to my  waiting car,

a new feeling

content; a state of peaceful happiness

and unlike the sunset, which was here one moment and gone the next

i wish for him to stay

forever awing me with his radiant body and mind.







How do you let go?

September 26th, 2016. 12:42 pm.

how do you let go of the last little bits and pieces of someone who was once your everything?

it’s for the better?

everything is changing

it’s for the better…

change is violent

ripping you away from everything you’ve ever known

change is soft

like a sweet kiss from someone new

it’s for the better.

how can new love bloom when old love blankets everything, a layer of snow

someday it won’t hurt, they say

why does it still hurt?






Rather than letting the fear of heartbreak control you, let the hope of love take over. Heartbreak is inevitable.

Though, pre heartbreak is love. A love that can resolve wars, a love that can cure any disease, love that can make you feel as if you have a purpose, a reason.

And post heartbreak comes a new strength, a strength strong enough to pick up the pieces. A strength kind enough to brush you off, remind you “you’re stronger than this, you’re better than this”. A strength hopeful enough to teach you to love yourself again, because it might have been lost in translation. A strength learned enough to remind you that being alone is okay & in order to love another you must first love yourself.

Love is always, always worth it. Allow love to course through your veins and inhabit your thoughts. Base your actions off of loving ethics & values. Your soul flourishes when fed love and watered hope. Life is too short to love softly & to be wary.

Heartbreak is inevitable and with heart break comes experience, comes intellect. The ability to love the right person, the right way. Some say that love makes life worth living. Don’t allow the fear of heartbreak control you, simply love & learn to love again.

Mary Jane

A girl by the name of Mary Jane

Sat in her room one rainy day

Next to the corner where she kneeled and prayed

Where she gave her thanks once everyday

And prayed to a God that she wished she knew

So she could ask if it all was true

The creation, the beauty, the magnificent views

But alas, her doubts will remain askew.