Rather than letting the fear of heartbreak control you, let the hope of love take over. Heartbreak is inevitable.

Though, pre heartbreak is love. A love that can resolve wars, a love that can cure any disease, love that can make you feel as if you have a purpose, a reason.

And post heartbreak comes a new strength, a strength strong enough to pick up the pieces. A strength kind enough to brush you off, remind you “you’re stronger than this, you’re better than this”. A strength hopeful enough to teach you to love yourself again, because it might have been lost in translation. A strength learned enough to remind you that being alone is okay & in order to love another you must first love yourself.

Love is always, always worth it. Allow love to course through your veins and inhabit your thoughts. Base your actions off of loving ethics & values. Your soul flourishes when fed love and watered hope. Life is too short to love softly & to be wary.

Heartbreak is inevitable and with heart break comes experience, comes intellect. The ability to love the right person, the right way. Some say that love makes life worth living. Don’t allow the fear of heartbreak control you, simply love & learn to love again.


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