and as she sat, she wondered. she wondered about the birds and the bees, she questioned everything from the deepest depths of the ocean to the tallest of the trees. the purpose of our existence, unknown yet we stay unquestioning. few take the time to turn past the first few pages of the book, to dive in and let the questions consume their whole being. these few are seen as crazy although she knows that this insanity that overcomes them and fills them up to the point of overflow, then shortly after, flood, should not be taken with a negative connotation but rather the most positive. for these few individuals are brave enough to remove the comfort that most allow shield their eyes from the truth and are truly able to see that we are so small and the world is so big. the galaxy is so big, the universe is so big and the unknown is infinite, at least, for now. the unknown will stay infinite if insanity continues to be frowned upon and the chase to quench the thirst of the unknown is forever unsatisfiable.


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