the plane that is me flies over your foreign lands

unrecognizable these days

your streets are oozing with unfamiliar faces

jumping out at me every corner that I turn,

as if saying

“we know you don’t belong”

my quiet car drives down your busy streets

once so well known to me

yet now I use a map

the map that you gave me is crafted poorly,

as if little thought was taken into creating it

perhaps, an afterthought

it seems like you want me to be lost,

and oh baby,

I am

my legs are unsteady which is unfortunate since they’re the only things keeping me going

if I don’t stop maybe I can reach your heart

but there are too many corners to turn and too many dead ends

and I keep ending up right back where I began

why am I still trying when you clearly gave me a map that leads nowhere

when will I learn?

the other day I took a trip over your lands,

still foreign but now its okay

your streets are crowded with the same unknown faces but they don’t scare me anymore

my legs don’t shake and I don’t use that dumb map because Im not looking for your heart anymore,

I found mine




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